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WG Optimization and Optimal Control

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens

Die AG Optimierung und Optimale Steuerung (2019)
Our working group “Optimization and Optimal Control” has joined the ZeTeM at the University of Bremen in April 2004, extending its size and scope.
Struktur der Arbeitsgruppe

Our field of activity is the optimal control of technical, natural scientific or economic processes and systems. Classic problems arise from robotics, aerospace engineering or vehicle dynamics. The computation of the optimal control can be adopted to many systems, which can be modelled mathematically by a system of ordinary differential algebraic or partial differential equations.
We pay special attention on the computation of solutions in real time. The solution has to be available after a time period that is very small in comparison to the time-scale of the process, and may be in the nanosecond range for some applications. The potential of the research and development achievements is represented by high-performance numerical algorithms and their efficient implementation. Amongst others the software packages NUDOCCCS, WORHP and TransWORHP are developed and maintained by our group.
The co-operation with a company from Erding shows that the industry is interested in such solutions. We found paths, to move a cable guided crane system in a high-bay warehouse, so that no swinging occurs at the end of the path. The control panels are used on different levels and can pass each other. These devices have to be controlled, assuring the loads reaching their destination without collisions, minimal swinging and in the shortest possible time.
Kransystem in einem HochregallagerCrane system in a high-bay warehouse

The fields optimization, variational calculus, optimal control and real time optimization are supposed to be established in research and teaching. The list of the Diploma and master theses supervised by us, shows the broad field of applications of this mathematical field.
Inverses Pendel aus Lego Inverse pendulum out of Lego
When applying the theory of (feedback) control to practical applications, various unexpected problems may occur. We try to raise our students' awareness to those problems by means of the programming of Lego robots.
In our virtual class on the subject optimal control we explain the general conditions and demands of these kinds of problems and demonstrate the difficulty of finding optimal solutions by experimenting on different examples.