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Bild Prof. Dr. Armin Lechleiter

Prof. Dr. Armin Lechleiter

Room: MZH 
Phone: (0421) 218-0

In 2011, Armin Lechleiter arrived in Bremen and started to built up the working group Inverse Problems at ZeTeM. He passed away on January 28, 2018. His colleagues at ZeTeM mourn for this wise, always helpful, and brave friend.

An obituary

Armin's most recent website (summer 2017) is following.

Old news ...


Undergraduate studies in Mathematics at Universität Karlsruhe
Bachelor (Licence) in Mathematics at ENS Lyon (France)
Diploma in Mathematics at Universität Karlsruhe
Graduate studies (with A. Kirsch) at KIT
PostDoc (DeFI, INRIA Saclay & Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Researcher (DeFI, INRIA Saclay & Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Assistant professor (W1) at ZeTeM (Universität Bremen)
Professor (W2) at ZeTeM (Universität Bremen)


  • 2004: German-French University Award (Universität Karlsruhe)
  • 2009: 2nd Prize at the Leslie Fox Prize Competition
  • Research Areas

    Leader of Projects

    Regularization techniques in Banach spaces applied to inverse Problems 16.07.2014 - 16.10.2017
    Inside-Outside Duality and Non-Destructive Testing 01.07.2013 - 30.06.2016
    Efficient Simulation of Acoustic Underwater Waves 01.11.2012 - 31.10.2015
    Inverse Scattering in the Time Domain 01.01.2011 - 31.12.2013
    Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering from Periodic Structures 01.10.2009 - 31.10.2014

    Courses (Selection)complete list

    1. Numerik 2 (Sommersemester 2017)
    2. Parameteridentifikation und PDEs (Sommersemester 2017)
    3. Numerik 1 (Wintersemester 2016/2017)
    4. Introduction to Mathematical Parameter Identification (Wintersemester 2016/2017)
    5. Applications of Mathematical Parameter Identification (Wintersemester 2016/2017)

    Theses (Selection)complete list

    1. Identifikation eines zeitabhängigen Parameters einer Wellengleichung (Thies Gerken)
    2. Akustische Streuprobleme auf einem biperiodischen Gebiet im R³ mit einer lokalen Störung (Alexander Konschin)
    3. Bestimmung geometrischer Parameter von Glasfasern aus Streulichtmustern (Vitali Gerlinski)
    4. Direkte und inverse Probleme für die Stokes-Gleichung (Dennis Zvegincev)
    5. Detektion kleiner Inklusionen durch Strom-Spannungs-Messungen (Matthias Otten)

    Publications (Selection)complete list

    1. A. Konschin, A. Lechleiter.
      Reconstruction of a Local Perturbation in Inhomogeneous Periodic Layers from Partial Near Field Measurements.
      Zur Veröffentlichung eingereicht.

      online at: https://arxiv.org/abs/1901.04451

    2. A. Lechleiter, R. Zhang.
      Reconstruction of Local Perturbations in Periodic Surfaces.
      Inverse Problems, 035006 34(2018), IOPscience, 2018.

      DOI: doi.org/10.1088/1361-6420/aaa7b1

    3. F. Bürgel, K. Kazimierski, A. Lechleiter.
      A sparsity regularization and total variation based computational framework for the inverse medium problem in scattering.
      Journal of Computational Physics, 339:1-30, 2017.

      DOI: 10.1016/j.jcp.2017.03.011
      online at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0021999117301985

    4. A. Lechleiter, M. Rennoch.
      Non-linear Tikhonov Regularization in Banach Spaces for Inverse Scattering from Anisotropic Penetrable Media.
      Inverse Problems and Imaging, 11(1):151-176, 2017.

      DOI: 10.3934/ipi.2017008

    5. A. Lechleiter, R. Zhang.
      A Floquet-Bloch transform based numerical method for scattering from locally perturbed periodic surfaces.
      SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 39(5):B819-B839, 2017.

      DOI: 10.1137/16M1104111
      online at: http://epubs.siam.org/doi/pdf/10.1137/16M1104111