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Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation - IWaP 2015

Aims and Scope

The workshop on Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation (April 7-10, 2015) aims to gather researchers working in the broad field of inverse problems linked to partial differential equations, providing a place to discuss novel methods, current directions, and future trends in the field.


The workshop highlights in particular the mathematical and numerical analysis of methods tackling inverse problems linked to time-harmonic or time-dependent wave equations. Topics include for instance parameter identification for complex systems governed by differential equations, iterative and qualitative methods in inverse scattering, integral equation methods, optimization techniques, inverse eigenvalue problems, as well as the application of inversion algorithms in scientific, engineering, or industrial problems.

Place and Date

The workshop takes place at the University of Bremen, Germany, during the week after Easter 2015 (Tuesday 7.4.2015 until Friday 10.4.2015).


The workshop is organized by the Workgroup on Inverse Problems at the Center of Industrial Mathematics of University of Bremen.


IWaP2015 is supported by the Center of Industrial Mathematics of University of Bremen as well as by the Exploratory Project Inside-Outside-Duality and Non-destructive Testing granted by the University of Bremen in the framework of its institutional strategy, funded by the excellence initiative of the federal and state governments of Germany.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge. To simplify the organization of the workshop we nevertheless insist that all participants register in advance by sending a short email to Stefan Peters.

Please tell us until March 1, 2015, whether you would like to give a talk and, if so, indicate the title of your talk. Since the number of talks is limited we might be forced to make a selection among the proposed talks, following a first-come-first-serve rule.

The workshop features a poster session. Please tell us until March 26, 2015, whether you intend to present a poster and, if so, indicate the title of your poster. There is no limit for posters and the session will be informal.




April 7


April 8


April 9


April 10



R. Kress

L. Mindrinos

E. Lakshtanov

Z. Jiang

P. Monk

G. Hu

T. Arens

X. Liu


Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break



T. Hohage

F. Cakoni

D. Colton

A. Kirsch








M. Kray

L. Bourgeois

R. Griesmaier

N. Hyvönen

J. Sun

A. Kleefeld



Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break




J. Piontkowski

H. Haddar

T. Helin

L. Chesnel

Poster Session





Workshop dinner


Talks (in the order of the schedule)

You can download some slides of the talks on Tuesday and Wednesday (Slides IWaP 2015 Tuesday/Wednesday (application/zip 18.2 MB)) and on Thursday and Friday (Slides IWaP 2015 Thursday/Friday (application/zip 6.1 MB)).


The workshop takes place in the university building MZH (Mehrzweckhochhaus), the largest building in the central area on the campus. Our rooms on the first floor are MZH 1460 and MZH 1470. All university facilities and university restaurants are nearby.

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Florian Bürgel University of Bremen
Zixian Jiang INRIA Saclay
Armin Lechleiter University of Bremen
Frederieke Miesner University of Bremen
Stefan Peters University of Bremen
Marcel Rennoch University of Bremen
Tobias Rienmüller University of Bremen
Laurent Bourgeois ENSTA Paristech, Palaiseau
Evgeny Lakshtanov University of Aveiro
Hanaa HACHIMI Ibn Tofail University
Leonidas Mindrinos University of Vienna
Thorsten Hohage University of Göttingen
Houssem Haddar INRIA Saclay Ile-de-France
David Colton University of Delaware
Fioralba Cakoni University of Delaware
Peter Monk University of Delaware
Jiguang Sun Michigan Technological University
Tilo Arens Karlsruher Institut for Technology (KIT)
Rainer Kress University of Göttingen
Julia Piontkowski University of Saarland
Marie Kray University of Basel
Guanghui Hu Weierstrass Institute
Anna Trull TU Delft
Xiaodong Liu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Thi-Phong Nguyen Polytechnique Paris
Erdem Altuntac University of Goettingen
Lucas Chesnel Ecole Polytechnique
Andreas Kirsch Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie
Andreas Kleefeld BTU Cottbus
Simon Maretzke University of Göttingen
Frederic Weidling University of Göttingen
Florian Boßmann University of Göttingen
Tapio Helin University of Helsinki
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David James University of Göttingen
Zixian Jiang Ecole Polytechnique Paris
Shobha Monnanda Erappa University of Goettingen
Christian Kruschel University of Goettingen
Kenneth Chijioke Duru University of Stanford