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Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering from Periodic Structures

Working Group:Former WG Inverse Problems
Leadership: Prof. Dr. Armin Lechleiter
Processor: D. L. Nguyen (E-Mail: dnguyen@cmap.polytechnique.fr)
Project partner: DeFI, INRIA Saclay/Ecole Polytechnique
Time period: 01.10.2009 - 31.10.2014
Bild des Projekts Periodische Elektromagnetische Inverse Streuprobleme Wir develop, analyze, and implement sampling methods for electromagnetic inverse scattering problems for bi-periodic dielectric structures.


  1. A. Lechleiter, D. L. Nguyen.
    Factorization Method for Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering from Biperiodic Structures.
    SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 6(2):1111-1139, SIAM, 2013.

    DOI: 10.1137/120903968
    online at: Link