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Micro Cold Forming - Subproject A3: Material accumulation

Working Group:WG Numerics of PDEs
Leadership: Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmidt ((0421) 218-63851, E-Mail: schmidt@math.uni-bremen.de)
Processor: Dr. Andreas Luttmann
Dr. Mischa Jahn
Funding: DFG
Project partner: BIAS, Bremer Institut für Angewandte Strahltechnik
Time period: since 01.01.2007
The aim of the Collaborative Research Centre 747 „Micro cold forming“ is the supply of processes and methods for the forming and technical manufacturing of metallic components that are smaller than 1mm in two dimensions. Part of the CRC 747is the subproject A3 which addresses the problem of material accumulation using laser- based free form heading. In detail, the project A3 deals with an process chain for the production of preforms for forging and sheet metal forming. Laser rod end melting enables upset ratios >>200 instead of an upset ratio of approximately 2, which can be achieved using conventionally methods.

For handling the process, a finite element simulation is used to compute process parameters, e.g. laser heating duration and laser beam deflection velocity. This simulation bases on „Navier“ by E. Bänsch (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg). Navier is a finite element method for the simulation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations including a capillary surface which has been extended so that melting and solidification process described by the Stefan problem can be considered. 

Prozessskizze SFB-A3FE-Simulation des Laserumschmelzprozesses am Draht (2D)FE-Simulation des Laserumschmelzprozesses am Draht                       FE-Simulation des Laserumschmelzprozesses an der Blechkante

While 2D situations including 2D rotational symmetric and cross section models can already be handled, the development of a full 3D version to handle general situations is still going on.


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