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Former WG Inverse Problems

Administration: Prof. Dr. Armin Lechleiter

The working group Inverse Problems startet at ZeTeM in 2011 and was built up by Armin Lechleiter. He passed away on January 28, 2018. His colleagues at ZeTeM mourn for this wise, always helpful, and brave friend.

An obituary

Armin's most recent website (summer 2017) is following.

Die AG Inverse Probleme 2017 The workgroup in 2017
An inverse problem is the task to determine the unknown cause of an observed effect. Our workgroup on Inverse Problem develops analytical and numerical methods to solve such problems in the context of partial differential equations. Examples are algorithms for the determination of parameters in a differential equation or shape reconstruction techniques.

We frequently work on inverse problems for wave phenomena: Given measurements of scattered waves, determine unknown properties of the scattering object, for instance the geometry or physical quantities.

Forschungsinteressen der AG Inverse ProblemeResearch interest of the workgroup on Inverse Problems
The adjacent tag cloud lists some keywords and key interests concerning our research work.

A couple of other groups at Universität Bremen are also interested in solving inverse problems, and we are happy to collaborate with the workgroup Industrial Mathematics at ZeTeM as well with the workgroup Powder and particle measurement at IWT. Internationally, the group collaborates with the DeFI group (INRIA Saclay/Ecole Polytechnique, France). Further, there are long-lasting contacts with, for example, the workgroup on Inverse Problems at KIT and with the Department of Mathematics at the University of Delaware.

In Oktober 2016 starts the new DFG-Research Training Group 2224 on parameter identification at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Bremen.

Current news on activities of our work group can be found here.

If you are studying at Universität Bremen, you might be interested in current final-year projects offered by the group.