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Paper Submission

Your DIMAVI26 paper is supposed to be a one-page summary. It is not meant to be an extended abstract but should summarize your study including a glimpse of the theoretical framework, results, and discussion. The summary is comparable to an Oral Communication at PME conferences. It might be useful to refer to the guideline given on the PME webiste for the "Preparation of Oral Communications and Poster Presentations", which can also be found here: http://www.igpme.org/wp-content/uploads/session_guidelines/150514_Preparation_OC_PP_proposals.pdf. Please also have a look at the PDF-document if you are looking for an example of a well-organized Oral Communication as a guideline.

The summary must be submitted via email to submission.mavi26@uni-bremen.de before July 31, 2020.
A template for the summaries is provided here.

By submitting a paper to the conference, you agree to become a critical friend for two summaries submitted by other colleagues.

There will be no review process for the summaries. All authors are welcome to present their word at DIMAVI26.

The submissions of DIMAVI26 can be found here.

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Video submission

For presenting at DIMAVI26, you need to prepare a video so that participants can watch it prior to the conference. The video should be about 10-15 minutes long. In this video you should present the aim of the study, methods, results, and discussion like in a usual conference presentation. One way to do so is to film yourself while giving your presentation. Another way might be to make a screencast while presenting your slides. In case you need help with creating a video out of your PowerPoint slides, you might find this video helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8JV3w4TOVw.

Currently we are working on technicality how we can provide videos to the participants. Data security is an important issue for us. We therefore do not want to use public video portal like YouTube or the like. We prefer a way which is based on the servers hosted by the University of Bremen. As soon as we decided, we will inform you and provide you with the link where you can upload your video. It will be accessible for the people attending the conference.

Please hand in your video by August 30, 2020.

For any question with respect to the submission of video, please write an email to submission.mavi26@uni-bremen.de.

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