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Wednesday, 16.09.2020

08.00 am - 08.15 am                                                 

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

08.15 am - 09.00 am                                            
Plenary speech: Eichler, Ferretti & Maffia
A comparative study on German and Italian
perspective teachers' view on mathematics

critical friends: Safrudiannur/Rott & Fesser/Rach
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

09.00 am - 09.45 am      
Bernadi & Brunetto
Teachers' views on distance learning:
an exploratory study

critical friends: Eichler/Feretti/Maffia & Safrudiannur/Rott
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

Niemi, Metsämuuronen, Hannula & Laine
Development into a mathematically
high-achieving student during basic education

critical friends: Oestergaard & Richter/Blum
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

09.45 am - 10.15 am                                                    

10.15 am - 11.00 am     
Safrudiannur & Rott
Beliefs about school mathematics vs.
university mathematics and beliefs about teaching and learning in different contexts of students' achievement

critical friends: Fesser/Rach & Sun
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

Theory-driven determinants of school students' STEM career goals:
a preliminary investigation

critical friends: Niemi/Metsämuuronen/
Hannula/Laine & Nieminen
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

11.00 am - 11.45 am   
Fesser & Rach
Nature of mathematics, meta-scientific reflection
and scientific propaedeutics

critical friends: Sun & Morselli/Robotti/Zhang
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

Richter & Blum
Fostering engagement in learning mathematics: the digital math escape room "Leonardo Da Vinci"

critical friends: Schreck/Rott & Hatisaru
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

11.45 am - 12.30 pm                                               
Lunch break

12.30 pm - 01.15 pm       
Changing teachers' images of mathematics and in mathematics teaching

critical friends: Morselli & Bernadi/Brunetto
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

        Schreck & Rott
The development of epistemological beliefs in the course of mathematical studies

critical friends: Hatisaru & Niemi/Metsämuuronen/Hannula/Laine

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

01.15 pm - 02.00 pm       
Brohsonn, Geisler, Rolka & Törner
Characteristics of real analysis and linear algebra from an undergraduate's perspective

critical friends: Haataja & Hatisaru
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

Assessing students' beliefs about mathematics as a discipline

critical friends: Richter/Blum & Schreck/Rott

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

02.00 pm - 03.00 pm              
  Social Meeting

Thursday, 17.09.2020

08.00 am - 08.45 am       
Mathematics teachers' beliefs: Centrality, context, and practice

critical friends: Brohsonn/Geisler/Rolka/Törner & Haataja
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

Agentic identity construction as a part of students' feedback literacy in mathematics assessment

critical friends: Rissanen/Saastamoinen & Mutanen/Rissanen

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

08.45 am - 09.30 am       
Exploring evidence of mathematical tasks in the drawing of middle school students

critical friends: Levenson/Barkai/Tsamir/Tirosh & Beswick
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

        Rissanen & Saastamoinen
The challenge of logarithms
in technology education

critical friends: Nieminen & Törner/Rolka

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

09.30 am - 10.00 am                                                   

10.00 am - 10.45 am       
Theoretical implications from multiple eye-tracking studies on teacher-student interaction

critical friends: Hatisaru & Levenson/Barkai/Tsamir/ Tirosh
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

     Törner & Rolka
World views of linear algebra university courses

critical friends: Rissanen/Saastamoinen & Nieminen/Bagger/Padilla/Tan

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

10.45 am - 11.30 am       
Levenson, Barkai, Tsamir & Tirsoh
Adults' beliefs regarding adult intervention in developing young children's geometrical thinking

critical friends: Beswick &
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

      Nieminen, Bagger, Padilla & Tan
The making of the assessee: A critical review on students positioning in recent mathematics assessment research

critical friends: Mutanen/Rissanen & Oestergaard

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

11.30 am- 12.15 pm                             
 Lunch Break

12.15 pm - 01.00 pm      
Morselli, Robotti & Zhang
Beliefs crisis during the pandemic: voices from mathematics teachers in Italy and Hong Kong

critical friends: Bernadi/Brunetto &
Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

        Mutanen & Rissanen
Method of analysis and synthesis in education of mathematics

critical friends: Nieminen/Bagger/Padilla/Tan & Törner/Rolka

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-2

01.00 pm - 01.30 pm                                      
Round-up & Wrap-up

01.30 pm - 01.45 pm                                                   

01.45 pm - 03.00 pm                                          
 Plenary Speech: Hannula
Revisiting the meta-theory of affect: Special focus on studying states

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

03.00 pm - 03.30 pm                                                 

Zoom-Meeting: DIMAVI-1

We will use Zoom for our DIMAVI meetings. As we need two parallel sessions most of the time, we created two Zoom rooms that are open throughout the whole conference. The links were sent via email to all participants of the conference.

Two further rooms were created for social meetings and further needs. These rooms can be reached via the following links:
DIMAVI-3: https://uni-bremen.zoom.us/j/91591733756?pwd=UGhRNEl6YnJjVGpqUnlaOWtZcUUzdz09
DIMAVI-4: https://uni-bremen.zoom.us/j/96408261436?pwd=bHprSUg1VDg5RDJCbDlUTGZ2VDAwZz09

The password is the same one as for DIMAVI-1 and DIMAVI-2 and was also included in the email. 

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