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The conference will primarily consist of discussions. It is most likely that we will use the video conference tool Zoom.

The sessions will take 45 minutes. Every session will start with a short welcome message from the moderator of the session. Then, the presenting authors will have about five minutes to remind the audience of their study either orally or with a short summary of the video using a shared screen. Next, two critical friends will provide the author and the audience with their appraisal of the study. Being a critical friend therefore means that prior to the session you will have a closer look at the study to be able to provide the author with constructive feedback in the discussion session. Finally, everyone can join the discussion and give their feedback and/or ask questions about the study presented. The following table gives the schedule of the sessions:

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                Bremen Town Musicians

How long?
Welcome Message
~ 2 minutes
Presenting author(s)
Summary of the study
5 minutes
Critical friends
Constructive feedback
5 minutes each
25 minutes

Please note that the video will NOT be shown again. It is expected that you have watched the video prior to the discussion session.

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