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Workshops & Minisymposia Organized

Upcoming Events:

Emily King with J. P. Gabardo (McMaster University), Chris Heil (Georgia Tech), Götz Pfander (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), and David Walnut (George Mason University):
Jubilee of Fourier Analysis and Applications: A Conference Celebrating John Benedetto’s 80th Birthday,
College Park, Maryland, USA, September 19-21, 2019

Emily King with Dustin Mixon (Ohio State University)
Special Sessions on Optimal Frames and Subspace Packings and Applications of Frames and Related Transforms,
Wavelets & Sparsity XVIII, SPIE Optics & Photonics
San Diego, California, USA, August 11-15, 2019

Past Events:

Emily King with Dustin Mixon (Ohio State University)
Special Session on Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics of Subspace Packings,
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry
Bern, Switzerland, July 9-13, 2019

Emily King with Barbara Hammer (University of Bielefeld) and Andrew Straw (University of Freiburg) :
IK 2019: Out of Your Senses -- From Data to Insight,
Günne/Möhnesee, Germany, March 12-19, 2019

Rafael Reisenhofer with Philipp Petersen (TU Berlin):  
Young Researcher Minisymposium on the Mathematical Theory of Deep Learning,
90th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM),
Vienna, Austria, February 18-22, 2019

Emily King with Nate Strawn (Georgetown University), Soledad Villar (New York University):
AMS Special Session on Low Complexity Models in Data Analysis and Machine Learning,
Joint Mathematics Meetings 2019
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, January 16-19, 2019

Emily King with Dustin Mixon (Ohio State University), Chris Manon (University of Kentucky), Cynthia Vinzant (North Carolina State University):
Oberwolfach mini-workshop on Algebraic, Geometric, and Combinatorial Methods in Frame Theory,
Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach, Oberwolfach, Germany, September 30 - October 6, 2018

Oberwolfach Organizers
© Petra Lein, MFO
Oberwolfach Group Photo
© Petra Lein, MFO

Rafael Reisenhofer with Melanie Todt (TU Vienna):
GAMM Juniors Fall Meeting,
TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, September 27-29, 2017

Emily King and Rafael Reisenhofer with Yovany Cordero (ZeTeM, Uni Bremen) and Frank Weilandt (ALTA, Uni Bremen):
Mathematical Signal Processing and Data Analysis,
University of Bremen, September 18-20, 2017

GAMM-MSIP Group Photo
© AG Computational Data Analysis, University of Bremen

Emily King with Dustin Mixon (Ohio State) and Nate Strawn (Georgetown University):
Minisymposium on Algebra and Geometry in Frame Theory,
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, July 31-August 4, 2017

Emily King with Nate Strawn (Georgetown University):
Minisymposium for Inverse Problems and Low Complexity Models,
Applied Inverse Problems 2017, Hangzhou, China, May 29-June 2, 2017

Emily King with Eva Feichtner (ALTA, Uni Bremen):
Workshop on Frames and Algebraic & Combinatorial Geometry,
University of Bremen, July 27–31, 2015

FAG15 Group Photo
© AG Computational Data Analysis, University of Bremen

Emily King with Andreas Hilboll (IUP, Uni Bremen) and Johanna Tamminen (Finnish Meteorological Institute):
Minisymposium on Inverse Problems in Atmospheric Remote Sensing,
Applied Inverse Problems 2015, Helsinki, Finland, May 25–29, 2015

Emily King with Carsten Bockelmann (ANT, Uni Bremen):
Bremen Compressed Sensing Workshop,
University of Bremen, March 17, 2015

Emily King with Martin Storath (Uni Heidelberg):
Young Researcher Mini-Symposium on Multiscale Geometric Image Analysis,
85th Annual Meeting of the GAMM, Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany, March 10–14, 2014