Handbook of Multiple Comparisons
(Editors: Xinping Cui, Thorsten Dickhaus, Ying Ding, and Jason C. Hsu)
Chapman & Hall / CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods, forthcoming

List of Chapters

  1. An Overview of Multiple Comparisons
    (Xinping Cui, Thorsten Dickhaus, Ying Ding, and Jason C. Hsu)
  2. Multiple Test Procedures Based on p-Values
    (Ajit C. Tamhane, Jingtao Gou)
  3. Multivariate Multiple Test Procedures
    (Thorsten Dickhaus, André Neumann, Taras Bodnar)
  4. Partitioning for Confidence Sets, Confident Directions, and Decision Paths
    (Helmut Finner, Szu-Yu Tang, Xinping Cui, Jason C. Hsu)
  5. Graphical Approaches for Multiple Comparison Procedures
    (Dong Xi, Frank Bretz)
  6. Decision Theoretic Considerations of Multiple Comparisons
    (Arthur Cohen, Harold Sackrowitz)
  7. Identifying Important Predictors in Large Data Bases - Multiple Testing and Model Selection
    (Malgorzata Bogdan, Florian Frommlet)
  8. Prevalence Estimation
    (Jonathan D. Rosenblatt)
  9. On Agnostic Post hoc Approaches to False Positive Control
    (Gilles Blanchard, Pierre Neuvial, Etienne Roquain)
  10. Group Sequential and Adaptive Designs
    (Ekkehard Glimm, Lisa V. Hampson)
  11. Multiple Testing for Dose Finding
    (Frank Bretz, Dong Xi, Björn Bornkamp)
  12. Multiple Endpoints
    (Bushi Wang)
  13. Subgroups Analysis for Personalized and Precision Medicine Development
    (Yi Liu, Hong Tian, Jason C. Hsu)
  14. Exploratory Inference: Localizing Relevant Effects with Confidence
    (Aldo Solari, Jelle J. Goeman)
  15. Testing SNPs in Targeted Drug Development
    (Ying Ding, Yue Wei, Xinjun Wang, Jason C. Hsu)

Supplementary Material

Slides of handbook-related online seminar talks

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