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SoSe 2010

Datum Name Titel
07.04.10 Sören Boettcher, Sören Dobberschütz, Michael Wolff Berichte von der GAMM und der Spring School on Evolution Equations
14.04.10 Hari Shankar Mahato Maximal Lp-Regularity and Existence of a Solution for Diffusion-Reaction Equations
21.04.10 Sören Dobberschütz Introduction to Differential Geometry - 1
28.04.10 Sören Dobberschütz Introduction to Differential Geometry - 2
05.05.10 Stephanie Chen Bilanzgleichungen
12.05.10 Andrea Düvel Materielle Objektivität
19.05.10 Lakhdar Taleb Simplified Approaches for the Prediction of the Cyclic Behaviour of Mechanical Structures
20.05.10 Lakhdar Taleb Phenomenological Modelling and Experiments on Cyclic Plasticity
26.05.10 Lydia Becker Lineare Elastizitätstheorie
27.05.10 G. P. Raja Sekhar Stokes flow of an assemblage of porous particles - estimating the overall bed permeability
02.06.10 Stefanie Reese Anisotropic finite plasticity in production technology – experimental validation and finite element modelling
09.06.10 Sören Dobberschütz Bericht von der AIMS
16.06.10 Hari Shankar Mahato Resolvant Estimate and Generation of Analytic Semigroup
23.06.10 Stephanie Nielsen Materialverhalten von Stahl
30.06.10 Thomas Page The Second Fundamental Inequality for Elliptic Operators
07.07.10 Saptarshi Mandal Existence and Uniqueness Result for the Stationary Problem of Linear Elasticity
07.07.10 Anuranjan Kumar From Isoline to Sharp Interface - Grid Generation
21.07.10 Sören Boettcher Summary of some regularity results for mixed boundary value problems for second order elliptic systems
21.07.10 Hari Shankhar Mahato A homogenization approach to a coupled diffusion reaction problem in the W1,p-setting
21.07.10 Sören Dobberschütz Aus dem laufenden Schaffen