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Scientific Computing in Engineering

Leitung: Dr. Fedor Alexandrov

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Scientific computing has become a key technology for natural and engineering sciences as well as for industrial research and development. In order to promote scientific computing in post-graduate education the University of Bremen had announced an international and interdisciplinary PhD program, running from 2004-2008 (first period) and from 2008-2012 (second period).
Focus of this post-graduate program is the development and introduction of new innovative methods in scientific computing to the fields of materials science, process technologies and micro electronics. Utilizing mathematical modelling and numerical simulation, problems are tackled that cannot be solved by classical engineering methods alone. This research program is strongly coupled with a lecture program in engineering and applied mathematics that aims at a profound education for a career in science or industry.
PhD students and researchers from mathematics and engineering collaborate within SCiE. The research projects are executed by tandems of graduate students: one engineer and one mathematician. They are supervised by tandems of professors as well. The participating institutes are the Center of Industrial Mathematics (ZeTeM), the Bremen Institute of Applied Laser Technologies (BIAS), the Institute of Materials Sciences (IWT), the Institute for Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics (ITEM), the Processing Equipment Group (WZM) and the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science (BCCMS).