Short course "Numerical Continuation with AUTO" held by J. Rademacher

October 20-21.2011, CWI Amsterdam, room L120

Deadline for registration was October 6th.
Registration is free and handled by Nada Mitrovic (

Prerequisite: Auto07p installed and running on a laptop with wireless internet capabilities that is brought to the course.
Installation tips.

CWI supports the wireless network system eduroam. Accounts for the CWI network can be provided upon request to Nada Mitrovic.

The course is aimed at new users of AUTO with a basic background in differential equations.

Useful links/material Tentative Schedule (Note second day ends 30min earlier than originally)
wedge 20.10.
* 9-10h Registration, accounts, installation support.
* 10-10.45h lesson 1 (set-up, first look at auto files, test cases, plotting)
* 10.45-11.15h coffee
* 11.15-12h lesson 2 (theory: implicit function theorem, fold, pitchfork, cusp)
* 12-13.30h lunch
* 13.30-14.15h lesson 3 (practice: examples for stationary states)
* 14.15-15.30h lesson 4 (theory: Hopf bifurcation and boundary value problems)
* 15.30-16h coffee
* 16-16.45h lesson 5 (practice session).
wedge 21.10.
* 10-10.45 lesson 6 (review, remarks on implementation, overview of AUTO capabilities)
* 10.45-11.15h coffee
* 11.15-12h lesson 7 (practice session)
* 12-13.00h lunch
* 13.00-13.45h lesson 8 (travelling waves in reaction-diffusion systems)
* 13.45-14.30h lesson 9 (practice session)
* 14.30-14.45h coffee break
* 14.45-15.00h lesson 9: Daniele Avitabile showcases recent work