I am a mathematician working at the University Bremen as lecturer.

Earlier, I worked at the Mathematisches Institut at the Georg-August Universität in Göttingen in the field of mathematics education research and in the AG Didaktik at the University Bremen.

Moreover, I am a former member of the SFB TR 12 in Bochum. This Sonderforschungsbereich deals with symmetries and chaos in mesoscopic physics and I took part in project B2, which is about symplectic reduction and limits of representations.

My earlier work was in the WE AlZAGK, a research group for algorithmic number theory, algebraic geometry and cryptology.

Ingolf Schäfer

Name: Dr. Ingolf Schäfer

Room: MZH 6270

Phone: +49 (421) 218-63718




Kreativwerkstatt (german)


  1. Mathematisches Institut Göttingen (former member)

  2. AG Didaktik (former member)

  3. Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 12
    (former member)

  4. WE AlZAGK (former member)