PhD projects

The RTG π3 comprises 12 PhD projects within and on the interface between the 3 research areas.

R1 Inverse problems

R1-1: Sparsity constrained parameter identification for dynamic wave scattering problems
PI: Armin Lechleiter
R1-2: Sensitivity of Tikhonov minimisers with respect to norm and tolerance
PI: Iwona Piotrowska-Kurczewski
R1-3: Efficient and reliable discretisation of primal and adjoint operators
PI: Alfred Schmidt
R1-4: Identification of defects in electromagnetic surface structures
PI: Armin Lechleiter

R2 Direct optimisation

R2-1: Parameter identification by decomposition of non-linearities
PI: Christof Büskens
R2-2: Coherent discretization for adjoint operators and sparsitiy constraints
PI: Peter Maass
R2-3: Non-linear dynamics and parameter identification
PI: Jens Rademacher
R2-4: Online optimal parameter identification in dynamic controlled environments
PI: Christof Büskens

R3 Mathematical data analysis

R3-1: Feature recognition using topological data analysis
PI: Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov
R3-2: Equivalence between sparsity constrained NMF methods and k-means clustering
PI: Peter Maass
R3-3: Feature extraction by geometric harmonic analysis
PI: Emily King
R3-4: Adaptive and non-adaptive designs for the prospective evaluation of classification methods
PI: Werner Brannath