Information on the public transportation system

Public Transportation System

Here you can find an overview of the tram and bus system in the city of Bremen on the website of the urban transportation system, or directly here.

Purchasing Tickets for the Tram

You can purchase your ticket at a ticket vending machine inside the tram. The ticket machines provide instructions in English. The machine will accept banknotes up to 50€ notes. You have to purchase an adult single ticket (EinzelTicket Erwachsene) for 2.75€. If you plan to use the tram frequently, you can buy a four tickets in one for 10€, a ticket valied for seven days for 22,20€ at the BSAG ticket shop outside the central train station or at the university at Onkel Walter's shop in the central Glashalle (glass hall), see the maker GH in square C2 on the campus plan A list of shops on campus can also be found here.

How to Get into Campus?

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