Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get around in Bremen?
Public transport by tram and bus brings you almost everywhere. The station at the university is called "Universität/Zentralbereich", the tram going there (e.g. from the main station, the airport and the city center) is tram number 6. Information and schedules can be found here:
Do I have to bring a poster?
The presentation of a poster is not obligatory, but the poster session will be part of a reception on tuesday afternoon.
Posters need to be registered with a title and a short abstract.
How can I apply for the autumn school?
You simply fill out the application form. You will receive a summary of the submitted information via email and (later) a notice of acceptance.
What is the language of the workshop? Do I need to speak German?
No, you do not need to speak German. The official language is English.
Is it possible to pay with a credit/debit card or should I take cash with me?
In the cafeterias of the university you will be asked to use cash.
In all supermarkets debit cards are accepted. For credit cards, your results may vary.
In restaurants cards are usually accepted.
If you buy the public transport tickets in the tram or bus, you will need cash. If you buy them at the BSAG-Center, you will be able to use your card.
In addition, as (almost) everywhere, ATMs can be found all over the city.
I am vegan. Will I starve in Bremen?
Absolutely not! First of all, there is always a vegan option in the university cafeteria. You can check the menu on the following website:
If you do not find something you may want for lunch, then you can also try another cafeteria ( In these webpages a symbol preceding each dish can be found, which indicates if it is vegan, vegetarian, etc.
There are also vegan restaurants in the city, like ZeN, Vegefarm or Veganbar.
How is the lunch organized?
For lunch, one can go to the university's cafeteria ("Mensa"). Lunch coupons are included in the fee.
Can I receive any certificates or confirmations?
You receive a certificate of attendance and a payment confirmation on site at the registration desk.