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AG Dynamical Systems & Geometry


Dynamical Systems and Geometry Oberseminar
Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00, MZH 4140


Winter Semester 2019/2020

30.01.2020 Laura Breitkopf TBA
09.01.2020 Wafa Ben Saad TBA
12.12.2019 Anke Pohl TBA
05.12.2019 Marc Keßeböhmer Farey and Stern-Brocot sequences: From number theory to dynamical systems
21.11.2019 Aljoscha Niemann Krein-Feller Operatoren und deren Spektralasymptotik für selbstähnliche Maße und mögliche Verallgemeinerungen
14.11.2019 Alexander Lohse Almost complete and equable heteroclinic networks
24.10.2019 Tim Alexander Rienits
Planning Session
Die Leibnizformel zur Berechnung von π
17.10.2019 Maik Gröger Bifurcation sets from families of bounded orbits, open dynamics and matching

Summer Semester 2019

22.08.2019 Florian Detken Satz von Choquet
04.07.2019 Karenina Sender The Sierpinski gasket as Martin boundary
20.06.2019 Paul Holst Funktionen beschränkter Variation
19.06.2019 Tomas Persson Potentials, energies and Hausdorff dimension
13.06.2019 Christina Moor Induced infinite iterated function systems for a class of finite overlapping iterated function systems
12.06.2019 Daniel Lenz Discrete spectrum and pure point diffraction
06.06.2019 Paul Wabnitz Transfer operator approach to Selberg zeta function
23.05.2019 Wafa Chaouch Ben Saad Random multifractals
16.05.2019 Aljoscha Niemann Über einen Zusammenhang zwischen verallgemeinerten und klassischen Krein-Feller-Operatoren
25.04.2019 Anke Pohl Cohomological interpretation of Maass cusp forms
04.04.2019 -- Planning session

Winter Semester 2018/2019

31.01.2019 Maik Gröger Symbolic systems, topological complexity and fractal geometry
24.01.2019 Arne Mosbach PROMOTIONSKOLLOQUIUM:
Finite and Infinite Rotation Sequences and Beyond
17.01.2019 Hendrik Vogt Zur isoperimetrischen Ungleichung und ihrer Verallgemeinerung durch Maz'ya
10.01.2019 Lothar Dirks Kombinatorische Eigenschaften von Interval Exchange Transformations
20.12.2018 Manuel Stadlbauer The topology of the Martin boundary of a group extension
06.12.2018 Arne Mosbach Vague convergence of autocorrelations from beta-transformations
29.11.2018 Christina Moor Augmented trees for infinite conformal iterated function systems and their boundaries
22.11.2018 Tanja Schindler The thermodynamic formalism for an example of an unbounded potential
15.11.2018 Moritz Doll Refined Weyl Law for the Perturbed Harmonic Oscillator
08.11.2018 Malte Steffens PROMOTIONSKOLLOQUIUM:
Regularity of Aperiodic Subshifts and Connections to Intermediate β-Transformations
01.11.2018 Konstantin Schäfer Zusammenhänge zwischen Laplace- und Perron-Frobenius-Operatoren
25.10.2018 Henning Breede
Sebastian Genske
Jakob Lehmann
Satz von Krein-Milman
Der große Satz von Picard
18.10.2018 --- Planning Session

Summer Semester 2018

27.06.2018 Karenina Sender Martin boundary theory for Markov chains
20.06.2018 Keivan Mallahi Karai Spectral independence and random walks on products of compact groups
13.06.2018 Carlos Osorio Distributed information bottleneck method
30.05.2018 Paul Wabnitz Transfer Operator Approach to Selberg Zeta Function
23.05.2018 Igors Gorbovickis Renormalization of critical circle maps with singular critical points
16.05.2018 Maxim Kirsebom A Poisson Law for Hurwitz Continued Fractions
09.05.2018 Anke Pohl Selberg zeta functions with non-unitary twists
02.05.2018 Aljoscha Niemann Gap diffusion
25.04.2018 Jichen Yang Spectra, stability and energy estimates for reaction subdiffusion equations
18.04.2018 Arne Mosbach Diffraction measures
11.04.2018 Open problem session --
04.04.2018 Planning session
Judith Boeckers
Anwendungen des Brouwerschen Abbildungsgrades

Winter Semester 2017/2018

Summer Semester 2017

05.07.2017 Gesche Dithmer Martingale und Fraktale
28.06.2017 Aljoscha Niemann Einführung in die stochastische Integration
21.06.2017 Aman Parmer Mixing and Copula
14.06.2017 Arne Mosbach
Malte Steffens
On convergence of measure w.r.t. rotation systems
07.06.2017 Torben Schürenberg Einführung in die Kettenbruchtheorie
31.05.2017 Maik Gröger Mean-equicontinuity and amenable group actions
17.05.2017 Keivan Mallahi Asymptotic distribution of values of isotropic quadratic forms at S-integral points
10.05.2017 Maxim Kirsebom Extreme Value Theory in Dynamical Systems - A crash course (part II)
03.05.2017 Maxim Kirsebom Extreme Value Theory in Dynamical Systems - A crash course
26.04.2017 Konstantin Schäfer Existenz von Gibbs-Maßen für abzählbare Markov-Shifts und der zentrale Grenzwertsatz für Hölder-stetige Funktionen
05.04.2017 -- Planning session

Winter Semester 2016/2017

01.02.2017 Wafa Ben Saad The Hausdorff dimension of a random Cantor set
25.01.2017 Torben Schürenberg
Holger Markmann
Exceptional points of rational maps
Testing predictive regression models
18.01.2017 Konstantin Schäfer Eine Verallgemeinerung des Theorems von Ionescu-Tulcea und Marinescu
11.01.2017 Yorick Netzer
Saliha Yoldas
Der Primzahlsatz
Topological and measure-theoretical entropy, and the variational principle
21.12.2016 Tony Samuel Continuity of entropy in one-dimensional Lorenz maps
14.12.2016 Mikhail Hlushchanka
Maik Gröger
Self-similar groups: limit spaces and growth
Mean equicontinuity and amorphic complexity
07.12.2016 Hendrik Weyer Measure-geometric Laplacians with respect to atomic measures
23.11.2016 Arne Mosbach
Tony Samuel
Diffraction spectra involving the unit circle
Quasicrystals, Jarník sets and spectral metrics
16.11.2016 Christina Moor Topological and Gurevič pressure for countable Markov shifts: An introduction.
09.11.2016 Hendrik Vogt L-Abschätzungen für die Torsionsfunktion
02.11.2016 Lorenz Breuer Der thermodynamische Formalismus
26.10.2016 Arne Mosbach Ergodic Theorem for commuting transformations
19.10.2016 --- Planning Session

Summer Semester 2016

29.06.2016 Tanja Schindler Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
15.06.2016 Arne Mosbach,
Malte Steffens
Diffraction measures of certain Dirac combs:  The state of the art
08.06.2016 Arne Mosbach,
Malte Steffens
Diffraction measures of certain Dirac combs
25.05.2016 Stefanie Hittmeyer Bifurcations of invariant sets in a map model of wild chaos
11.05.2016 Aljoscha Niemann
Laura Paul
Kevin Henke
Das Erdős-Kac-Theorem
Irrationale Rotation und Defraction
27.04.2016 Hendrik Weyer The lonely runner conjecture - a fractal approach
13.04.2016 Ivan Ovsyannikov Homoclinic bifurcations - A tutorial
06.04.2016 --- Planning Session

Winter Semester 2015/2016

11.02.2016 Gerrit Marquardt Der Kreispackungs-Zugang zum Riemannschen Abbildungssatz
04.02.2016 Mikhail Hlushchanka On growth of iterated monodromy groups: a geometric point of view
21.01.2016 Ian Melbourne The Lorenz attractor is exponentially mixing
14.01.2016 Jan Gienapp Ein alternativer Beweis des Birkhoffschen Ergodensatzes nach T. Kamae
17.12.2015 Arne Mosbach,
Malte Steffens
Aperiodic order: On the structure of Sturmian sequences - Part 2
16.12.2015 Christina Moor A proof of the theorem of Peter and Weyl based on an article by Coquand and Spitters
10.12.2015 Arne Mosbach,
Malte Steffens
Aperiodic order: On the structure of Sturmian sequences - Part 1
03.12.2015 Janfried Michael Hyperbolic Geometry, Number Theory and Symbolic Coding
26.11.2015 Dennis Ulbrich Dynamics of the one-dimensional three-state Greenberg-Hastings cellular automaton
23.11.2015 Manuel Otten Das Sekretärinnenproblem
19.11.2015 Karenina Sender Das Sierpinski-Dreieck als Martin-Rand
15.10.2015 --- Planning Session

Summer Semester 2015

14.07.2015 Maximilian Engel Hopf Bifurcation and Additive White Noise
09.07.2015 Maik Gröger Examples of Dynamical Systems in the Interface between Order and Chaos
07.07.2015 Bachelor Students Presentation of bachelor thesis topics
25.06.2015 Balász Bárány Self-affine measures with dominated splitting
23.06.2015 Tanja Schindler Almost sure convergence for intermediate trimmed sums with an emphasis on subshifts of finite type II
16.06.2015 Tanja Schindler Almost sure convergence for intermediate trimmed sums with an emphasis on subshifts of finite type I
10.06.2015 Dr. Niels Martin Møller  Gluing of Geometric PDEs - Obstructions vs. Constructions for Minimal Surfaces
28.05.2015 Mariusz Urbanski Random Shifts of finite type with weakly positive transfer operator 
26.05.2015 Kurt Falk Boundaries of negatively curved spaces
19.05.2015 Anna Zielicz Part I: Geometry and Dynamics for infinitely generated Kleinian groups
Part II: Hyperbolic graphs for IFS's
12.05.2015 Johannes Kautzsch Convergence to equilibrium of unbounded observables versus non-convergence of "nice" observables
05.05.2015 Arne Gebken Thermodynamischer Formalismus
28.04.2015 --- Planning

Winter Semester 2014/2015

29.01.2015 Malte Steffens,
Tony Samuel
An Introduction to Quasi Crystals II
22.01.2015 Malte Steffens,
Tony Samuel
An Introduction to Quasi Crystals I
15.01.2015 Sascha Troscheit Random graph directed systems and box-like carpets
18.12.2014 Johannes Jaerisch Hoelder regularity of the complex analogues of the Takagi function
11.12.2014 Hendrik Weyer Eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of measure-geometric Laplacians
04.12.2014 Jakob Fisahn A Fréchet law for maximal cuspidal windings
27.11.2014 Emily King Wavelets: Ergodic Sets and Fractal Tilings
20.11.2014 Hendrik Vogt A weak Gordon type condition for absence of eigenvalues of one-dimensional Schrödinger operators
13.11.2014 Malte Koch Diffusion and spectral theory on fractals
06.11.2014 Maxim Kirsebom Extreme value distributions for one-parameter actions on homogeneous spaces
30.10.2014 --- Open Problem Session
23.10.2014 Ivan Ovsyannikov Analytic Proof of the birth of Lorenz attractor

Summer Semester 2014

14.07.2014 Maik Gröger Amorphic complexity
07.07.2014 Tanja Schindler Almost sure convergence of trimmed Birkhoff sums - an operator theoretic approach
30.06.2014 Fabian Dreher Das Umkehrproblem der Ausströmrate
23.06.2014 Anna Zielicz Geodesic flow entropy and convex core entropy for geometric Schottky groups
16.06.2014 Arne Mosbach Die Weierstraß­Funktion und die Hausdorff­Dimension
03.06.2014 Mikhail Hlushchanka Iterated monodromy groups and holomorphic dynamics
02.06.2014 Maxim Kirsebom Extreme value theory for random walks on homogeneous spaces
26.05.2014 Mikhail Hlushchanka On the growth of iterated monodromy groups and Nekrashevych's conjecture
19.05.2014 Sabrina Kombrink Renewal Theory in Symbolic Dynamics
12.05.2014 Jens Rademacher Symmetry and pattern formation - an example from applications

Winter Semester 2013/2014

16.01.2014 Hendrik Weyer On the eigenvalue asymptotics of measure geometric Laplacians on fractals
09.01.2014 Malte Koch Brownian motion on fractals: part II
28.11.2013 Kurt Falk Convex core entropy and dimension gaps for Kleinian groups
20.11.2013 Anna Zielicz Entropy of geodesic flow
14.11.2013 Tugba Yasav Die Reimannsche Vermutung und Farey-Folgen
07.11.2013 Sanguo Zhu Quantization of probability
31.10.2013 Fabian Dreher Ausströmraten und Amöben
24.10.2013 Arne Mosbach Einführung in die Weierstraß­Funktion

Summer Semester 2013

27.06.2013 Janfried Michael Der Satz von Roth und schärfere Approximationssätze in der Diophantischen Analysis
27.06.2013 Annika Vogt Themen aus der Theorie der Diophantischen Approximationen
27.06.2013 Tomas Orczykowski Fraktale Geometrie - Das Besovitch Problem
27.06.2013 Joschka Braun Untersuchungen über den Minkowski Inhalt
20.06.2013 Malte Koch Brownian motion on fractals
13.06.2013 Jakob Schröder Generalized sum level sets
12.06.2013 Ale Jan Homburg Research talk
10.06.2013 Manfred Denker Martingale in der Dynamik
30.05.2013 Johannes Kautzsch On the asymptotic behavior of the transfer operator associated to the Farey Map
23.05.2013 Manfred Denker Remarks on the Patterson construction for conformal measures
13.05.2013 Tanja Schindler Strong law of large numbers for intermediate trimmed sums
06.05.2013 Anna Zielicz Non-examples and examples of P-class Fuchsian groups
29.04.2013 Jakob Fisahn Hyperbolic geometry on the hyperboloid model
22.04.2013 Jens Rademacher t.b.a.

Winter Semester 2012/2013

07.02.2013 Lidong Tang Große Abweichungen von Rückkehrzeiten, Teil 2
24.01.2013 Malte Steffens Tilings and rotations on the torus: a two-dimensional generalization of Sturmian sequences
17.01.2013 Hendrik Weyer The definition of a Laplacian on the Sierpinski-Gasket
10.01.2013 Sara Munday Derivative of the alpha-Farey-Minkowski function
20.12.2012 Lidong Tang Große Abweichungen von Rückkehrzeiten, Teil 1
13.12.2012 Atsuya Otani Multifractal approach to chaotically driven skew-product systems
06.12.2012 Tobias Oertel-Jäger Rotation Theory and Poincare Classification on the two-dimensional torus
29.11.2012 Maik Gröger Invariant graphs for skew product systems
22.11.2012 Arne Mosbach Cusp-Formen und Homologiegruppen
15.11.2012 Kurt Falk Vortrag zu "groben Cat(0)-Räumen"
08.11.2012 Fabian Dreher Escape Rates
01.11.2012 Peter Quast Isometrien hermitesch symmetrischer Räume und reelle Formen
25.10.2012 Felix Gardeberg Turingmaschinen und ihre Anwendungen

Summer Semester 2012

02.08.2012 Martin Schmoll An outlook on translation surfaces
02.08.2012 Alina Stürck Hyperbolische Geometrie und Kettenbrüche
19.07.2012 Sara Munday A Renewal theorem with infinite mean, Teil 2
18.07.2012 Sara Munday A Renewal theorem with infinite mean, Teil 1
05.07.2012 Steve Buckley An overview of rough CAT(0) spaces
28.06.2012 Lidong Tang Larve deviation for return processes
14.06.2012 Sara Munday,
Tony Samuel,
Johannes Kautzsch
Operator renewal theory
13.06.2012 Moritz Biskamp Pesin Formel für Zufällige Dynamische Systeme auf dem Rd
07.06.2012 Sara Munday,
Tony Samuel,
Johannes Kautzsch
Operator renewal theory
31.05.2012 Lisa Köppel Klassifikation von Oberflächen und die Rolle der Euler'schen Charakteristik hierbei
31.05.2012 Leif Saballek Elementare Untersuchungen der Primzahldichte
24.05.2012 Maik Gröger Coupled skinny baker's maps and the Kaplan-Yorke conjecture
10.05.2012 Eugen Mihailescu Higher dimensional hyperbolic dynamics, Teil 2
03.05.2012 Eugen Mihailescu Higher dimensional hyperbolic dynamics, Teil 1

Winter Semester 2011/2012

22.02.2012 Tony Samuel Multivalued Dynamical Systems
14.02.2012 Anna Zielicz Basics of hyperbolic geometry II
09.02.2012 Anna Zielicz Basics of hyperbolic geometry I
24.01.2012 Sara Munday Conjugating homeomorphism between the α-Farey map and the tent map
18.01.2012 Sara Munday Conjungating homeomorphism between the α-Farey map and the tent map
10.01.2012 Manuel Stadtlbauer A sigma-finite Perron Frobenius theorem for group extensions
13.12.2011 Fabian Dreher Mischungs­eigen­schaften in Strömungen unter einer Funktion
06.12.2011 Maik Gröger Dimensions of attractors in pinched skew products
29.11.2011 Johannes Kautzsch Renewal theory and uniformly returning sets
22.11.2011 Sabrina Kombrink Minkowski Content
16.11.2011 Tanja Schindler Limit laws and trimmed sums for the digits of continued fractions and Lüroth series
08.11.2011 Dr. Norbert Peyerimhoff Zwei Radiustheoreme und harmonische Mannigfaltigkeiten
11.10.2011 Jörg Schmeling Multifractal Analysis for Multiple Mixing
20.09.2011 Daniel Meyer Thurston's Theorem, Cannon's conjecture, and rough geometry

Winter and Summer 2010

16.12.2010 Johannes Jaerisch Formalism for Group-Extensions
22.06.2010 Marvin Schulze Der Primzahlsatz
22.06.2010 Mareike Best Theorie der Kettenbrüche
22.06.2010 Hannah Klatt Fraktale Geometrie und Kunst
15.06.2010 Sabrina Kombrink Fraktale Krümmungsmaße
01.06.2010 Johannes Jaerisch Random walks on groups II
25.05.2010 Johannes Jaerisch Random walks on groups I

Spectral Triples and a Characterisation of Aperiodic Order Reading Group

Summer Semester 2015

21.05.2015 Tony Samuel,
Malte Steffens
The spectral distance (cont.) and an introduction to (Epi-) Sturmian subshifts
15.05.2015 Maik Gröger The spectral distance
07.05.2015 Anna Zielicz Michon trees
30.04.2015 Tony Samuel Spectral triples IV
29.04.2015 Tony Samuel Spectral triples III
23.04.2015 Tony Samuel Spectral triples II
22.04.2015 Tony Samuel Spectral triples I

Infinite Ergodic Theory and Renewal Theory Seminar

Winter Semester 2010/2011

23.02.2011 Johannes Kautzsch Uniformly returning sets
15.12.2010 Andrew Ferguson The Hausdorff dimension of the projections of self-affine carpets
01.12.2010 Thomas Kempton Zero Temperature Limits of Gibbs Equilibrium States for Countable Markov Shifts
24.11.2010 Moritz Biskamp Asymptotic support theorem for planar isotropic Brownian flows
18.11.2010 Sara Munday Multifractal Formalism for alpha-Farey maps
17.11.2010 Sara Munday The Renewal Theorem for Sum Level sets
10.11.2010 Johannes Kautzsch Elementary Renewal Theory
03.11.2010 Johannes Kautzsch Induced Dynamical Systems
27.10.2010 --- Vorbesprechung

Special sessions during term break

Winter 2010

15.03.2010 Tony Samuel:
St Andrews
The non-commutative torus and the Dirac operator
03.03.2010 Jonathan Fraser:
St Andrews
On 'visible parts' of fracal sets in the plane
01.03.2010 Tony Samuel:
St Andrews
The non-commutative torus
22.02.2010 Martial Hille:
Remarks on the structure of limit sets of infinitely generated Fuchsian groups and functions schemes
15.02.2010 Kurt Falk:
Hausdorff dimensions for transient limit sets of Kleinian groups
08.02.2010 Sara Munday:
St Andrews
Strong renewal theorems and Lyapunov spectra for alpha-Farey-Lüroth and alpha-Lüroth systems