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The task of retrieving biological, physical, or technical parameters from measured data is as universal as the quest to determine system parameters for optimisation/controlling complex processes. Accordingly, parameter identification is at the core of multiple applications in all fields of natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, and industrial applications. The demand for tackling ever more complex models in terms of non-linearity, sensitivity, coupling of systems or for including specific expert information as side constraints, provides numerous challenges in mathematical modelling and for designing, analysing, and implementing appropriate algorithms.

The RTG-team with the PhD students in the center focuses on the development of new mathematical methods for parameter identification tasks and its application to real industrial applications. The research program is split into 3 research areas each equipped with one industrial benchmark application. We take great care to equip the PhD students of the RTG with the necessary mathematical competence and to enhance scientific independence. The mathematical qualification concept includes compact courses and reading courses on advanced research topics. Supervision is based on separately defined tasks for main supervisor, co-advisors, and PhD advisory committee. Research and training in study groups consisting of four to six PhD students is a further characteristic feature of π3.



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