Prof. Dr. David A Reid - Vita

David A. Reid completed his Masters degree at Concordia University in 1992 under the supervision of Dr. Anna Sierpinska. His doctoral dissertation "The Need to Prove" was completed in 1995 under the supervision of Dr. Tom Keiren at the University of Alberta. He has held professorial positions at Memorial University of Newfoundland (as an assistant professor) and at Acadia University (ultimately as a full professor and director of the School of Education.)

He has been researching proof and proving in mathematics education for two decades. He recently published “Proof in mathematics education: Research, learning and teaching” in which he reviews the key findings and concepts in recent research on proof and proving, including his own collaboration with Christine Knipping. His other research interests include enactivism as a theory of learning and a methodology, sociological perspectives on the emergence of disparity in mathematics achievement, and comparative perspectives on mathematics pedagogy.


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