Prof. Dr. Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs

(Head of the sub-project 4 (Spotlights) within the "Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung (Schnittstellen gestalten)" and Second spokeswoman of the Creative Unit FaBiT)

Mathematics Education

with emphases on,

  • Construction of mathematical knowledge and conditions that foster or hinder it,
  • interest in mathematics and interest-dense situations,
  • social interactions in math lessons at school,
  • epistemological and methodological issues on empirical research in mathematics education, specifically Design-Based Research
  • networking of theories in mathematics education,
  • design of learning environments in mathematics,
  • learning difficulties in Arithmetic and Algebra
  • epistemic function of gestures
  • teaching and learning Algebra and functions, trasition to upper Secondary

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