Support and Training

Student support

  1. Children’s University 2008, 2011 (Archaeological Math Workshop); 2012 (Jenny Cramer & Ole Eley: Tinkering cubes); 2013 (Thomas Janßen & Ole Eley: Footballs); 2014 (Jenny Cramer & Daniela Behrens: Archaeological Math Workshop), 2015 (Daniela Behrens & Nele Stubbemann: Bauen, schauen, denken: Geometrie im Kopf).
  2. Math-Camp: Supporting computationally weak children of an Oberschule in Bremen (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  3. Student seminar for talented and interested pupils: Research in Mathematics, insights into the tropical geometry (autumn of 2010, Master's thesis by Tim Haga in cooperation with Prof. Eva Feichtner)
  4. Preparatory monitoring of the project „Math Researcher“ of the foundation „Calculating“ for the area of Bremen, with involvement of the Oberschule of Bremen
  5. Research days: An offer for school classes 5/6 in the Matelier (current offer, which is conducted by students)
  6. Math Workshop: An offer for advanced courses from students of the project „Explorative Learning“ (currently, 2012)

In-service Teacher Training

  1. Summer University 2009:
    Working with the Standards in grade 11 and 12
    Experiments in Stochastic
  2. 2009: In-service Teacher training day: How to deal with the Standards?
  3. Fostering mathematically gifted students
  4. 2011/2012: „Offensive Bildungsstandards“: In-service teacher training on constructing good tasks, language and math learning, fostering basic competencies
  5. 2012/2013: „Offensive Bildungsstandards“: In-service teacher training
  6. 2013/2014: „Offensive Bildungsstandards“: In-service teacher training
  7. Impulsreferat Sinus NRW in Essen about fostering of interest-dense situations in secondary education II
  8. Training of presenters in Bavaria (DZLM): Teacher training for teachers, who have not studied mathematics.

Applicatory project

Mathematic calendar (together with Gerd Walther, University of Kiel)

13 children posters of a nationwide poster competition were selected from Friedrich-Verlag for a (everlasting) Calendar for 2000. For this calendar I and Prof. Gerd Walther (University of Kiel) designed mathematics tasks around the theme calendar that offer a variety of approaches to this subject and to its roots in various content areas. The 12 theme-focused task groups – concerning for example Friday the 13th, the church celebrations or lunar and solar year – and the informative texts are meant as didactical suggestions for cross-curricular projects, in which a topic is viewed from a historical, cultural, religious, physical and mathematical point of view.

Staging mathematics

On the occasion of the global mathematical year, the Institute of Mathematics and its Didactics together with the PHÄNOMENTA organised a competition for school classes and project groups in Schleswig-Holstein. In October 2000, the Museum of Mathematics (Beutelspacher, Gießen) was guest in the PHÄNOMENTA for three weeks. During this time, the judging of the contributions of a class- and project group competition was held and in addition to that a series of lectures on mathematics-related topics.

Curriculum development

Development of Standards for the federal state of Bremen in a working group that consisted of teachers, a representative of the LIS and experts in mathematics education.

Matelier (in cooperation with Prof. Dagmar Bönig, Department 12 of the University of Bremen)

Setup of a didactical centre at the University of Bremen, financed by the federal state of Bremen, the University of Bremen and the department 03 for mathematics. The Matelier is a room (MZH 2495), which stores a wide range of teaching materials for students and teachers (since 2011).


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