Dr. Maik Gröger
Fachbereich 3 - Mathematik
Universität Bremen
Postfach 33 04 40
Bibliothekstraße 1
28359 Bremen

MZH, Raum 6440
Tel.: +49-(0)421-218-63663
Fax: +49-(0)421-218-98 63663
Email: groeger@math.uni-bremen.de

I'm currently a postdoc in the Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Research Group at the University of Jena. I'm also an associated member of the Dynamical Systems and Geometry Research Group at the University of Bremen and a member of the Scientific Network Skew Product Dynamics and Multifractal Analysis.

Research Interests

  • Low complexity systems and slow entropies
  • Dimensions of (strange) attractors
  • Skew product dynamics

Publications and Preprints

  • A classification of aperiodic order via spectral metrics & Jarnìk sets
    with M. Keßeböhmer, A. Mosbach, T. Samuel and M. Steffens, 25 pages, Preprint 2016 (available in arXiv.org)
  • Non-smooth saddle-node bifurcations II: dimensions of strange attractors
    with G. Fuhrmann and T. Jäger, 24 pages, Preprint 2014 (available in arXiv.org)
  • Some remarks on modified power entropy
    with T. Jäger, 17 pages, To appear in Contemp. Math. (AMS) (preprint available in arXiv.org)
  • Amorphic complexity
    with G. Fuhrmann and T. Jäger, Nonlinearity 29(2):528-565 (2016) (preprint available in arXiv.org)
  • Coupled skinny baker's maps and the Kaplan-Yorke conjecture
    with B. Hunt, Nonlinearity 26(9):2641-2667 (2013) (preprint available in arXiv.org)
  • Dimensions of attractors in pinched skew products
    with T. Jäger, Commun. Math. Phys. 320(1):101-119 (2013) (preprint available in arXiv.org)

Scientific activities


  • Winter term 2011/2012 two tutorials for Analysis 3 with Prof. Dr. Bey